Discover the Art Cocoa Collection

Paying homage to Jean-Paul Hévin’s brand vision of sourcing the best cocoa beans in from its birth-land in South and Central America and Madagascar to produce his well-loved chocolate novelties, the “Art of Cocoa” collection introduce new creations that would be the perfect gift for Mother's Day Celebration.


Showcasing the Art of Cocoa, Mr Hévin also introduces 4 new variations of his refined signature Macarons, which also make for the perfect present for mothers.  Each macaron is made with pure chocolate ganache with distinctly showcases the characteristics of the cocoa bean’s origin. The result is a variety in subtlety of each macaron, based on the cocoa bean’s origin.

Delightful coffret ‘Voyage des Saveurs’ allowing one to pick 16 assorted pieces of bonbons to include is also available for Mother’s Day and Father’s Day.  The artistically inspired packaging bears the brand’s signature royal blue as base colour, speckled with pop-art style cocoa beans of different colours on top.

The 4 new chocolate Macarons made from cocoa singe origin, come in a beautifully designed coffret ‘Voyage des Saveurs’, a colorful gift box perfectly fits 5 macarons. If you are chocolate Lover, then select 5 chocolate macarons or or your own assortment with fruity and spicy flavours for more varieties.